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Room Additions That Don't Look Like "Additions"

Running out of room? You love your home and neighborhood and you just don't want to go through the hassle and expense of moving?

A home or room addition may be just the ticket.

Many customers are worried that even if they decide to build a room addition, there could be problems from connecting to their existing home, or worse yet, the addition will look like a box was just added to the side of their home. Don't worry, Netco's project managers have years of design experience and know how to ensure that your new addition looks like it was meant to be there. We know structure, and we know exactly how to tie in to your existing roof and wall systems.

  • Single story additions
  • Two story additions
  • Additions with basements
  • Second story additions over your existing house

Trust the company that already knows how to build your room addition: Netco Remodeling.

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